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Esther Woolfson

‘… startled by the sound of a large and vigorous animal in the room, I will take a torch and shine it into the tunnel between the wall and the cupboard in my study and see the miscreant—a tiny, big-eared mouse pressed against the skirting board, huge-eyed in the torchlight. Now, we will spend the winter together, sharing space and air.’

What's On...

23rd August 2022 6pm - Aberdeen Music Hall
Exploring Boundaries: The Art of Collaboration
Join writer Esther Woolfson and visual artist Gill Russell as they share reflections on their recent collaboration creating Boundaries: a City of Sky and Sea
FREE but ticketed. BOOK HERE ...

27th October 2022 17:30pm - Waterstones Aberdeen
In Conversation with Esther Woolfson at Waterstones Aberdeen
Esther will be joining us to discuss her most recent book, 'Between Light and Storm: Our Lives with Other Species'.
The Q&A will then be followed by a book signing.
Tickets £4 BOOK HERE ...

April 2022
A Narrow Glimpse of Sea
In the autumn of 2021, I was commissioned by Aberdeen Performing Arts to write a piece about Aberdeen’s relationship with the sea, to be the foundation for a visual artist to create work to be exhibited in Aberdeen’s Music Hall. This is the piece of writing and a short account of the collaboration between me and the artist Gill Russell.
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